Collection: Nanostad

3D PUZZLES AT THEIR BEST! These fun 3d puzzles are fabrications of your favorite soccer stadiums. They are great for kids and adults alike and fun to put together!

Is the leading company in the fabrication of model stadiums in the format of 3D Puzzles.
Our mission is to bring to football fans the stadiums of the most famous teams on the planet. Those teams that have made a mark on the history of club sport, as well as those who renew their architecture. What better gift than your team’s stadium!
This is the arena of epic battles between your football heroes, the stadium filled with sporting glory. Your second home!

Nanostad stadiums meet all European standards in force. They have been certified as meeting EN71 the relative standard for this type of product.

The Nanostad team reccomends assembling this product under adult supervision, not only because of the difficulties that a small child may encounter, but also to make assembly a shared enjoyment of family time.

Each product has its corresponding assembly instructions available on our website. The detailed and simple instructions will let you build your stadiums easily and achieve a perfect finished model.

All Nanostad stadiums are produced under an operating license granted by the respective club that receives royalties on each sale.