About Us


Since 2005, Proyectum Sport has been manufacturing a product that has fascinated children and adults alike worldwide: Minigols®.

This innovative product line combines the passion for soccer and its star players with a unique foosball table that allows teams, players, and formations to be changed game after game. There’s nothing else like it!

Minigols has been a hit in Europe, and now it’s coming to the United States thanks to efforts from About Time, Inc., official distributor of Minigols in the U.S., located in Laredo, Texas.

With licenses from the main soccer clubs and national teams of the world, such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Seattle Sounders, Los Angeles Galaxy, Germany National Team, Spanish National Team, Argentina National Team, Mexico National Team, and more; Minigols is a global phenomena. Are you game?


is the leading company in the fabrication of model stadiums in the format of 3D Puzzles.
Our mission is to bring to football fans the stadiums of the most famous teams on the planet.

Those teams that have made a mark on the history of club sport, as well as those who renew their architecture.
What better gift than your team’s stadium!
This is the arena of epic battles between your football heroes, the stadium filled with sporting glory. Your second home!


Taking the U.S by storm. We have a catalog of high quality emoji products. You can express your mood with any one of our emoji lip balms, hand sanitizers, lotions, and more. We are excited to present these awesome, high-quality products for everyone in the family.

They’re eye-catching and fun to collect. Bring our great line of Kaomoji themed products to your store and see them fly off the shelf’s.